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Sales-Qualified Lead (SQL)

Sales-qualified leads (SQL) are the natural progression from marketing-qualified leads (MQL). MQL refers to a lead with a strong possibility of converting to a paying customer based on various types of lead intelligence and informed by different marketing analytics. These leads are well researched and are vetted by the sales process. They are the leads who may have submitted their email ids or signed up for your product or service. Once these leads are vetted to be genuine and educated, they are deemed to be ready to become an SQL. MQLs need not be customers but could also be influencers who sway other consumers’ opinions leading to established sales. An SQL refers to a prospective lead that has moved into the high probability phase of being converted to a customer. These leads have already expressed an interest in the business offering and have the funding capability to make the outright purchase.

What Small and Midsize Businesses Need to Know About Sales-Qualified Lead (SQL)

Identifying SQLs can help improve the efficiency of the sales team at SMBs. They can concentrate on converting the most qualified leads with minimal effort as the needs of the SQLs are already aligned with the business offering. If businesses need help managing their sales funnel, they can turn to a tool to manage an SQL database or visualize the SQL data.

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