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CPC (Collaborative Product Commerce)

Collaborative product commerce (CPC) describes an e-business strategy that uses new web-based commerce opportunities throughout the product development and product life cycle processes. CPC is often comprised of a collection or suite of web-based software and services. Enterprises and SMBs can collaborate more easily in product design, creation, development, and production by using a CPC suite.

What Small and Midsize Businesses Need to Know About CPC (Collaborative Product Commerce)

SMBs can benefit from implementing CPC suites if they collaborate with other businesses to profit from the same product. It is an innovative way for B2B co-operation that is entirely web-based and allows stakeholders in all involved businesses to monitor and provide feedback about the product at every step of creation, production and sales process. This technology-based approach to product development and sales allows all parties to collaborate across geographic distances and with security. This saves businesses time and money.

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