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Clinical Context Object Workgroup (CCOW)

Clinical context object workgroup (CCOW) refers to a type of internet protocol. These protocols allow for computer programs to operate in synchronicity, meaning that a user who is logged in on one computer can then use other machines. Users are able to gain access to any linked workspaces. CCOW allows programs to be "context-aware," meaning that they are operating in synchronicity with each other. They are commonly used in medical and healthcare settings. For example, a medical professional who logs into a CCOW machine can then use other machines in the computer network.

What Small and Midsize Businesses Need to Know About Clinical Context Object Workgroup (CCOW)

Medical-related small businesses may interact with CCOW-enabled computers. In these circumstances, a health care business could create a CCOW network and allow a user to log-in to the "vault" of the CCOW, thus enabling the individual in question to gain access to all networked computers.

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