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Spaghetti Chart

A spaghetti chart is a visual representation of the flow of people, processes, and materials. Businesses use these charts to identify waste, i.e., any action that does not add value to a product—such as overproduction or product defects—within a manufacturing plant. A spaghetti chart identifies two wastes of manufacturing: motion waste and transport waste. These charts contain flow lines shaped like spaghetti, which trace the paths of manufacturing cycles. The flow lines spot redundancies in manufacturing workflows and highlight opportunities to reduce waste.

What Small and Midsize Businesses Need to Know About Spaghetti Chart

SMBs in the manufacturing sector can use spaghetti charts to achieve a lean process that maximizes productivity and minimizes waste. These charts identify motion and transport inefficiencies such as the unproductive transfer of goods and materials because of a badly designed warehouse.

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