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Autonomous Vehicles

An autonomous vehicle can drive itself from point A to point B on autopilot. Autonomous vehicles use different in-vehicle technologies and sensors, such as adaptive cruise control, active steering, anti-lock braking systems, GPS navigation technology, lasers, and radar, to drive themselves around and follow road safety rules without any human interaction. There are many different stages of autonomous vehicles. For example, a level one autonomous vehicle is when the driver is assisted by an advanced driver assistance system (or ADAS). A level five autonomous vehicle is in total control without any help from a human driver.

What Small and Midsize Businesses Need to Know About Autonomous Vehicles

Autonomous vehicles are important for SMBs because SMBs are often constrained by their budgets. An SMB might not be able to afford to hire drivers or buy delivery vehicles. Instead, an autonomous vehicle might fill a business’s delivery or off-hour driving needs. This would allow businesses to save money and have more control over labor costs and fixed costs.

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