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Corporate Performance Management (CPM)

Corporate performance management (CPM) refers to the methods, strategies, systems, and other processes that are used to analyze and manage a company’s overall business performance. CPM uses an integrated approach that involves every aspect of business performance including business planning, budgeting, sales and operations, marketing, and HR.

What Small and Midsize Businesses Need to Know About Corporate Performance Management (CPM)

For businesses, CPM strategies can include setting goals and creating business models, analyzing operational strategies, and comparing past and present performance. A good CPM strategy can identify issues and problems and provide solutions for overhauling outdated methods, improving efficiency, and boosting productivity. Many companies also invest in CPM software, which can help direct these strategies toward crucial areas that need improvement. Toward that end, CPM software can be especially effective for budgeting, business planning, marketing, and sales forecasting.

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