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Smriti is a Content Analyst for Capterra, helping SMBs deliver key insights into software, business and tech trends.

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A guide to digital marketing for law firms

Published on 2023-01-13 by Smriti Arya

Looking to drive online traffic to your law firm? An effective online marketing strategy can potentially help your business stand out and gain new clients. This article lists some common marketing practices that can be... Continue Reading


What are the pros and cons of on-demand pay?

Published on 2022-11-30 by Smriti Arya

Due to rising inflation, companies like airport hospitality services provider OTG Management have been providing financial wellness support to employees through earned wage access cards in Canada. Keeping this in mind,... Continue Reading


What is upskilling and reskilling?

Published on 2022-11-08 by Smriti Arya

As the demand for new capabilities within an organization grows, upskilling and reskilling can help your firm develop skills needed to be at a competitive advantage. Let’s understand these two terms and how these... Continue Reading