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Tessa is a Content Analyst for Capterra, delivering software-related insights to local SMEs. She was featured in the Globe and Mail, La Presse, the Financial Post, and Yahoo.

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How do Canadian SMEs manage reviews online?

Published on 8/1/2022 by Tessa Anaya

When consumers shop online, they look to small business reviews left by previous buyers to guide them through the buying process. How can companies implement a review management strategy that promotes and improves their... Continue Reading


What are OKRs and how can SMEs use them?

Published on 6/2/2022 by Tessa Anaya

Having clear goals and measuring performance against these objectives are vital factors in running a business. This is where goal-setting frameworks like OKRs come into play. In this article we’ll explore what OKRs are... Continue Reading


A look at emerging crypto trends in Canada

Published on 1/18/2022 by Tessa Anaya

While not accepted as an official currency by the Canadian government, cryptocurrency (also known as ‘crypto’) is gaining notoriety. In this article, learn more about cryptocurrency usage as well as the crypto trends... Continue Reading