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IDM (Integrated Document Management)

Integrated document management (IDM) combines library services, document-interchange technologies, and document manufacturing with business-process applications. In other words, it integrates the tools, technologies, and techniques organizations use to manage documents. IDM turns document management from an end-user application (a system designed for one person) to a network-based service (a system that benefits an entire organization). It can include custom-developed applications that optimize document management, making it easier to capture information on files, store paperwork, back up documents and protect documents from unauthorized access.

What Small and Midsize Businesses Need to Know About IDM (Integrated Document Management)

IDM helps SMBs manage all the documents they need to grow their business, such as contracts, payroll forms, tax forms, non-disclosure agreements, customer emails, product photos, and instant messages. By integrating various technologies and techniques, these companies can reduce the time it takes to find documents, share files and store business-critical information.

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