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Vendor-neutral is a business model where no single vendor has a monopoly on all technologies used by an organization. SMBs that adopt this model select services from multiple providers based on cost, ease of use, implementation, and other factors. For example, a business might use a data center from one provider and a server from another. To qualify, a vendor must remain neutral and provide publicly available technologies or license services at a nominal fee. It must also belong to an association that: -Welcomes new members -Publishes membership rules -Uses unbiased business practices -Ensures the integrity of all technology implementations Vendor-neutral differs from the vendor-specific model, where vendors work on behalf of a technology company and sell its products and services.

What Small and Midsize Businesses Need to Know About Vendor-neutral

SMBs can benefit from the vendor-neutral model by working with unbiased vendors and saving money on the latest technologies.

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