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Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP)

A Microsoft Certified Professional or Microsoft Certified Partner (MCP) is a company that offers Microsoft services such as software, support, and consulting. These companies are part of the Microsoft Partner Network and have achieved the necessary qualifications to provide such services. MCPs work closely with Microsoft and have access to the company's latest tools and technologies when offering services such as support and training. MCPs fall into two categories: Managed service providers (MSPs) that administer and maintain Microsoft technologies such as servers, data centers, the Windows operating system, and Dynamics 365.  Cloud solution providers (CSPs) that manage and maintain Microsoft's cloud technologies such as Azure. MCPs might offer MSP and CSP services, as well as provide support, consulting, and maintenance for non-Microsoft technologies.

What Small and Midsize Businesses Need to Know About Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP)

SMBs that rely on Microsoft products and services for day-to-day operations might benefit from working with an MCP. Outsourcing tasks to one of these professionals can free up time and labor and improve operational objectives.

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