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Remote Work

Remote work refers to employees performing tasks, working on projects, or conducting business outside of a physical company location. These employees might work from home full-time or only a few days each week with occasional in-office work or meetings. Working anywhere in the world without reporting to a physical office is another meaning of remote work. Most remote work is not physical labor. It is also called WFH (work from home).

What Small and Midsize Businesses Need to Know About Remote Work

With remote work, SMBs can take advantage of a broader talent base and lower office costs. SMBs can also hire freelancers to perform work exclusively online. Payment methods may be via salaries, hourly or per-project rates, and/or commissions. Challenges can be met by adapting management techniques such as ensuring clear expectations and transparent communication to evolving technology. When initiating remote work arrangements, it’s important to have policies in place regarding equipment and procedures.