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User Experience Platforms (UXP)

User experience platforms (UXP) are a type of software. UXPs are used in web portal programs that can be manipulated via user interaction with the main interface of the program. This means that they allow users to work with applications or other programs on the internet. These programs operate at the enterprise level, meaning that they have multiple components. UXPs have largely been replaced by digital experience platforms (DXPs), which are an upgraded form of UXPs.

What Small and Midsize Businesses Need to Know About User Experience Platforms (UXP)

At the height of their popularity, UXPs were extensively utilized for a variety of programs. Small businesses were known to utilize these programs because of their convenience and size. A properly designed UXP - like a CRM - could allow a small business to manage multiple functions at the same time. This could enable more efficient, productive, and profitable actions.

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