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IT Asset Management (ITAM)

IT asset management (ITAM), also known as IT inventory management, is the process of evaluating the cost, maintenance, and life cycles of IT assets. A company's IT assets include all internet technology (IT) equipment such as computers, laptops, monitors, servers, hardware, software licenses, cloud services, and any type of networked equipment including printers and copiers. ITAM strives to increase the business productivity value of assets in different departments. Software designed for ITAM tracks location, warranties, physical condition, disposal, and many other IT asset-related functions. ITAM also acts proactively and ensures that equipment and IT software are up-to-date and used correctly.

What Small and Midsize Businesses Need to Know About IT Asset Management (ITAM)

A well-managed ITAM reduces repair and replacement costs for an SMB. In addition, lowered costs may allow for budget flexibility and the purchase of new or upgraded equipment. This can result in increased employee satisfaction and productivity.

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