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Social Tagging (Folksonomy)

Social tagging, or folksonomy, refers to the collection of user metadata. Folksonomies are not intentionally designed communities. Instead, they tend to evolve naturally over time. For instance, individuals and businesses use websites or social media platforms to upload data or create hashtags. In so doing, they form a naturally-created community that tends to revolve around a specific item, product, or interest. The content of the folksonomy is not set and keeps evolvin. It may also be subjected to manipulation by outside actors who want to change the subject.

What Small and Midsize Businesses Need to Know About Social Tagging (Folksonomy)

SMBs can often use folksonomies to their advantage by locating relevant online communities. Depending on the specifics of each community, SMBs may be able to use those communities to increase engagement, build customer relationships, and ultimately increase awareness about their products or brands.