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KPOV (Key Process Output Variable)

Key Process Output Variable (KPOV) is the most important output variable during any process, manufacturing or otherwise. For example, take a manufacturing process that produces candy. In this instance, the KPOV could be something like ingredient accuracy or staff efficiency. The KPOV would be the most important variable to monitor during an entire process. As such, businesses would want to spend the time to ensure that the KPOV was being appropriately managed.

What Small and Midsize Businesses Need to Know About KPOV (Key Process Output Variable)

A KPOV is most important for a small business that is involved in making something. This can be something physical or it can involve producing some sort of service. Monitoring a KPOV may be more of a challenge for small businesses, given their comparative lack of resources. However, SMBs are typically expected to make items of higher quality, and as such, it is vital that they appropriately monitor a KPOV. They should also identify the factors that may influence the success or failure of the KPOV.

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