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Bluetooth 3.0 (BT3.0)

Bluetooth is a technology that connects devices. This connection allows data to travel wirelessly, without connecting to a Wi-Fi network or other internet access point. Devices aren’t limited to cell phones or tablets. Billboards may have Bluetooth sensors. When someone approaches with a compatible device, the billboard sends a marketing message directly to the device. Bluetooth sensors can also log footfall in retail stores to provide data on shopping habits. Bluetooth 3.0 (BT 3.0) is not the latest version of Bluetooth, as it came out in 2009.

What Small and Midsize Businesses Need to Know About Bluetooth 3.0 (BT3.0)

Business users can check the Bluetooth version of their devices in the technical specifications before they make a purchase. For small businesses that need seamless connections, it’s worth staying updated on what the latest version of Bluetooth is (BT 5.2 as of January 2022) and ensuring all devices offer the same version to avoid compatibility issues.

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