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SGSN (Serving GPRS Support Node)

Serving GRPS support node (SGSN) is an important part of a general packet radio service (GPRS) network. GPRS networks are used for mobile devices with 2G or 3G connections and not for those that use 4G (or newer) connections. SGSN sends data from the original source (e.g., a 3G phone) through a radio network known as the RAN to the recipient specified by the 3G phone user, and vice versa. SGSN makes data transfer possible through compatible devices.

What Small and Midsize Businesses Need to Know About SGSN (Serving GPRS Support Node)

The GPRS network is an older technology. SMBs that have older equipment or those that are located in rural areas with limited mobile network coverage are most likely to rely on SGSN technology to send and receive business data through mobile devices.

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