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CoS (Class of Service)

Class of service is a highly technical term. It refers to the types of data that are being sent in a packet of data. Conversely, within a transmission, this term refers to the priorities of data, or access to different levels of service. This service can include extended voicemail or the ability to send longer text messages, as well as data and voice services, meaning that it can impact a variety of data and voice protocols.

What Small and Midsize Businesses Need to Know About CoS (Class of Service)

Whether they realize it or not, all small businesses that use data or voice interact with class of service parameters. By and large, businesses will only come to specifically interact with these terms when discussing data plans or internet connectivity. Even then, these are more commonly expressed in more technologically understandable terms. Examples include the sending of data in packets, or the use of data in routers or switches is another example.

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