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Pace-layered Application Strategy

Pace-layered application strategy is a method for categorizing, selecting, managing, and governing applications. This Gartner-designed strategy focuses on business change, differentiation, and innovation—the three categories that make up a pace-layered application strategy. Systems of innovation focus on new applications. Systems of differentiation consider better applications. Systems of change rely on common applications, which tend to be the standard. The strategy aims to increase response time and return on investment (ROI) without negative impact.

What Small and Midsize Businesses Need to Know About Pace-layered Application Strategy

Most businesses use a single approach to selecting and building applications. Yet, many do not consider that applications differ based on their intended use. SMBs can use the pace-layered method to distinguish between different application usage needs and speed up innovation. This strategy will help SMBs identify cost-effective technology solutions for their changing business needs.

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