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DFX (Design for X)

Design for X—also called Design for Excellence, DfX, and DFX—is a design approach. The "X" in the term "design for X" stands for a specific objective that a business is trying to achieve. That could be manufacturing (design for manufacturing), service (design for service), quality (design for quality), or something else. The whole point of design for x is to review a particular design of a product or technology before a business achieves its specific objective. The review process involves laying out principles that specify a design and how designers will create and implement it; for example, coming up with best practices for a new product that will support a company's manufacturing objective, or determining the materials required to build a product that will deliver a company's service goals.

What Small and Midsize Businesses Need to Know About DFX (Design for X)

SMBs might use design for x when designing a product that serves a very specific purpose. For example, creating a set of guidelines for a new tool that will improve maintenance can improve product costs, which is more important for small companies than larger ones.

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