What Is MentorNet?

Web-based solution that helps manage mentoring programs across locations and in-person through communication & networking tools.

Who Uses MentorNet?

Online mentoring solution that enables universities, charities, and businesses that help streamline mentoring programs online and in-person using messaging, discussion forms & more.

MentorNet Details

sfG Software

Founded in 2010

MentorNet Details

sfG Software

Founded in 2010

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MentorNet deployment and support


  • Email/Help Desk
  • Knowledge Base Software
  • Phone Support
  • Chat


  • Cloud, SaaS, Web-based

Training Software

  • Live Online
  • Webinars
  • Documentation
  • Videos

Features of MentorNet

  • AI-based Matching
  • API
  • Action Item Tracking
  • Activity Dashboard
  • Activity Management
  • Activity Tracking
  • Alerts/Notifications
  • Appointment Management
  • Appointment Scheduling Software
  • Assignment Management
  • Automated Scheduling
  • Calendar Management
  • Calendar Sync
  • Chat/Messaging
  • Client Management
  • Communication Management
  • Content Library
  • Curriculum Management
  • Customizable Branding
  • Customizable Forms
  • Customizable Reports
  • Customizable Templates
  • Email Management Software
  • Email Reminders
  • Employee Management
  • Engagement Tracking
  • Enrollments/Onboarding
  • Feedback Management
  • Goal Management
  • Goal Setting / Tracking
  • Learning Management
  • Live Chat Software
  • Match & Merge
  • Mentor/Coach Matching
  • Mentoring Program Management
  • Monitoring
  • Participant Profiles
  • Personalization Software
  • Program Evaluation
  • Progress Tracking
  • Ratings / Reviews
  • Reminders
  • Reporting & Statistics
  • Self Service Portal
  • Single Sign On Software
  • Summary Reports
  • Survey/Poll Management
  • Surveys & Feedback
  • Third Party Integrations
  • Training Management

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Corrin H.
irector in U.K.
Individual & Family Services, 2-10 Employees
Used the Software for: 2+ years
Reviewer Source

Have been using MentorNet for 7 years. Our charity would struggle to function without it.

5 5 years ago

Comments: Monitoring contact in our mentoring community. Increase amount of both virtual and face to face contact. Adheres to and enhances our child protection policies. Vastly simplifies administration.


It is simple to use and easy to train our mentors on. It puts us at the forefront of reporting contact between mentors and mentees. As a mentoring charity this is extremely helpful in demonstrating best practice that we believes assists us in securing grant funding. It is also an excellent means of logging contact where meetings occur between adults and young people in a way that adheres to our child protection policy. Lastly it is an excellent administrative tool to allow for the processing of expenses and in an organisation like our own where staff resources are limited it provides an excellent means of monitoring contact in our charity community.


I feel unable to criticise the software not least because it is so simple for our mentors and mentees to use. We do on occasion have problems with mentors using the software but we believe this is more a problem with the individual rather than the software. Consequently we recognise that a small number of our volunteers are perhaps unsuited to this type of online accessible software. When asked, 90% of mentors agree that it makes their job simpler and leaves them more free time to spend on the face to face side of our program.

Jo H.
Mentoring Coordinator in U.K.
Higher Education Software, 1,001-5,000 Employees
Used the Software for: 6-12 months
Reviewer Source

Service and support that goes above and beyond!

4 5 years ago

Comments: Time saved on administrative activities
Streamlined processes
Allows easy deployment and analysis of surveys with participants
Excellent support offered by SFG Software who are a pleasure to work with
Instant reporting - so easy to generate figures including data we've not collected before


The software is easy to use - for administrators but also for programme participants. The report function allows regular reporting at the click of a mouse and reports allow administrators to track interactions and see who might need more support rather than trying to support everyone. Overall it has expelled waste from our processes and offers a much more time efficient way of administrating programmes.


There's not really anything to like least about this software as it's met the needs we identified for our programme requirements.

Judie G.
Senior Lecturer/Founder Bacchus Mentoring scheme in U.K.
Used the Software for: 2+ years
Reviewer Source

Extremely positive - just what we needed for our mentoring scheme

4 5 years ago

Comments: A much better professional front end for our mentoring scheme and a much more organised and easily accessible management/administrative system for us to use as the managers/administrators.


Flexibility so more than one scheme could use it. The mobile app and the customer support really stood out for us as first rate. Back of house functions proved to be very useful.


Would have liked a survey option to sit within the system to help with evaluation. Hopefully that is being developed as part of the product development.

sfG Software Response

5 years ago

The great news is that there is now a survey option to help with evaluation. This allows you to create multiple surveys for different groups of users at different times, e.g. to get mentee feedback at the midpoint and then again at the end of a mentoring program. The results can be tracked and analysed in MentorNet or exported to Excel.

Angela M.
Principal Lecturer in U.K.
Education Management, 5,001-10,000 Employees
Used the Software for: 2+ years
Reviewer Source

Great software for use with our industry mentoring programme - highly recommended

5 5 years ago

Comments: See review


The software is easy to use and the support we have received from the MentorNet team has been superb. They have helped us customise the software for use with our programme and are very responsive when asked to help. Our mentoring programme has increased from 100 to almost 500 users and MentorNet has coped admirably with the increase.


There are some further things we would like in terms of functionality but even then the MentorNet team are willing to listen and work with us to see if more bespoke features are possible

Peter M.
Director in U.K.
Civic & Social Organization, 2-10 Employees
Used the Software for: 6-12 months
Reviewer Source

Perfect for e-mentoring. Highly configurable and scaleable. Well designed.

5 5 years ago

Comments: Enable us to start and run a successful e-mentoring scheme for project managers.


Ease of use with a familiar feel. Scalable. Excellent support if anything goes wrong. Good administrator functions which allows easy management of the mentoring scheme. Operates on tablets, phones and PCs.


The registration process slightly clunky but is being updated at the next release. The Skills & Expertise section can be confusing - again I understand that this is being addressed.