What Is WebHR?

WebHR is revolutionizing the way HR works. WebHR is a Social all-in-one Cloud based HR Software for Small & Medium Enterprises that handles everything from Hire to Retire, in the most innovate way. WebHR not only saves money to the companies, but also boosts productivity, saves space and make inter and intra-office communications fast, reliable and more efficient. WebHR assists in managing a companys most important asset - its People.

Who Uses WebHR?

WebHR serves companies of all sizes, ranging from 2 employees company, all the way to thousands of employee companies.

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Reviews of WebHR

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HR Expert in Pakistan
Nonprofit Organization Management, 51-200 Employees
Used the Software for: 2+ years
Reviewer Source

Effortless and Time Saving Human Resource Management Software (WebHR)

4.0 6 years ago

Comments: I have been using this software for three years, it is very easy to use, save lots of time of personnel management and above all, the attendance and payslip generation module are the most useful of all because of its auto-generation feature. The reports of each and every module help administrator and HR personnel keep management updated easily and within no time.


First and foremost, I like it because it is cloud based, is accessible from anywhere any time depending on the availability of internet. Further, there are couple of modules that I like most about this software. One is, module of Recruitment generally and its component of candidates' list particularly as it helps saving pool of CVs, and second, module of Employees, which helps maintaining the personnel details at one place instead of keeping piles of files on desks and in cabinets.


The shortlisting of job candidates should have more options for qualification such as Bachelors, should have more options like Medical, Engineering, Management, then Engineering can have more options of technologies i.e. Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, Electronics etc.

Information Technology Recruiter at Rose International in India
Verified LinkedIn User
Staffing & Recruiting, 1,001-5,000 Employees
Used the Software for: 6-12 months
Reviewer Source

Employees' Management was Not So Easy Before!

5.0 2 years ago

Comments: 1. Lags in speed performance.
2. It doesn't have automated system to send automated e mails to employees for any job openings within
the company.
3. Price should be competitive.


1. It is Very Simple and Easy Tool to use, Hassle-free experience in managing employees' credentials. 2. Easily accessible from Mobile phones also. 3. Can make amendments to existing files. 4. No or Very Less Technical Issues. 5. It is all in one tool which helps keeping records of all employees whether serving or not serving with us.


1. As It is Very Simple and Easy software to use and gives Hassle-free experience in managing employees' credentials so lesser efforts are required to maintain our records. 2. It can be easily accessed from Mobile phones also so in urgency or in any situation we can access our important records and take actions swiftly. 3. Amendments can be done to existing files so no need to create extra files or documents. This feature avoids confusion. 4. No or Very Less Technical Issues so no technical wizard is required to operate it. 5. It is all in one tool which helps keeping records of all employees whether serving or not serving with us so it avoids confusion and saves a lot of time.

Marietta Yvette
Consultant III (Test Analyst) in Philippines
Outsourcing/Offshoring, 501-1,000 Employees
Used the Software for: 6-12 months
Reviewer Source

WebHR - RCG Global Services (for improvements)

4.0 4 years ago


It is easy to navigate things, very straight forward on functionalities you need, eg. reports - employee hours summary. I can already access this even if I'm in a restricted client network.


A few of the things which I don't like: * Display of Late Comers Summary on Timesheet Board - as I am deployed to client, I do not tracked my timeout on daily basis. So seeing this list report that tells me I'm absent is a bit off. I hope there is a way that employees deployed to client may opt for this type of feature, eg. time in/out tracker. * Requires mandatory time-in even on Timebank -- since this is timebank (personal time-off/holidays) why does it requires a time-in (for me it doesn't make sense when you're not even reporting to office that is why it is called timebank, right?) * On Timebank as project type, can this be generally defaulted to Non-Billable? are there cases where timebank is billable? As I understand even if you work on holiday, you would not log it as timebank but on OT or project billable. * To make a template for employee hours instead of manually generating it for a period on adding multiple or single hour. A template could also be cloned or replicated for another set of period. Currently, I'm using the Add multiple hours for billable time but in cases that I have timebank (holiday or VL/SL) in between, I need to cut the billable period to add a record for timebank. In comparison if there is already a template with project, and all you need to do is to log time. If I'm not mistaken, I think this is how the original RCG timesheet was.

Arun Pushpendran
Senior Software Engineer in India
Information Technology & Services, 51-200 Employees
Used the Software for: 6-12 months
Reviewer Source

Its a very user friendly application. Easy to use , handy application.

4.0 5 years ago

Comments: 1. Effective Employee Tracking
2. Easy Payroll Generation
3. Resource allocation and work based effective tracking.
4. Save time and money


1. Very useful for small organizations, User management is very good. Even a starter employee can handle WebHR in easy manner. 2. Report sections are very good and easy to understand. Charts and data retrieving is very nice 3. Adding new users is very easy, and monitoring them is very effective 4. Payroll generation is very simple, easy to share the details with your employees. payslip format is clean and informative. 5.Employee Leave management is good. Absent Employees , Late comers , Early Comers and Early leavers is very effective and useful. 6.


1. When loading higher data , app seems slow. Need performance improvement. 2. Worksheet entry for employees is not as much flexible 3. Leave multilevel approval is not available 4. Payroll calculations are not fully automated , need to work on that. 5. Multilevel approval is not available in any cases 6. Multi window handling is not available, Modern applications give multi window options 7. UI changes needed. Some case app seem hanging (On reports / Gang charts etc) 8. Offline Mode needed with online mode .

Director of Operations in US
Medical Practice
Used the Software for: 1-5 months
Reviewer Source

A Gem That Needs A Little Polish

4.0 6 years ago

Comments: I am in charge of HR at a small company that is growing quickly. I wanted to have an HR program that offered a lot of features, but many of them had large minimum subscription fees. Meanwhile, a lot of cheaper solutions offered very limited functionality, often only dealing in one or two aspects of HR. WebHR is the one solution I found that was affordable, comprehensive, and was flexible to our company's size. The program is very customizable, covers pretty much any task or data you can think of, and generates excellent reports and summaries. The only potential downside is that the interface isn't hugely user-friendly, and there isn't a good resource out there for looking up questions about the software. However, the user support by WebHR staff is very good! Whenever I am stuck, I simply create a support ticket. A WebHR employee schedules a session with me (and they seem to be quite prompt and available), and then I am walked through a solution via web conference. So far, they have solved 100% of my ticket questions. Although WebHR could use a little polishing, the bones of the software are excellent, and the customer service makes up for any shortcomings. I would not hesitate to recommend this software to small and medium sized businesses.


-Comprehensive software that covers any potential HR task -More custom options than you can shake a stick at -Affordable -Can scale easily with the growth of your business -Excellent, prompt customer service


-User interface is a bit utilitarian and occasionally confusing -No good help resources outside of direct conversations with CS

WebHR Response

6 years ago

Thanks for the review, we will definitely tweak our UI to give an even better experience to our clients.